Common tags used in HTML

If you are a web designer you are no doubt familiar with Hyper Text Markup Language which is one of the most basic methods of coding websites and web pages. HTML is basically a language of tags which avail a number of options for formatting the design of a web page as well as the text and other content. The tags are enclosed in < and > symbols and there are both opening and closing tags. Opening tags are enclosed in the brackets < > while closing tags are enclosed in the same brackets but there is a slash just before the command as in </ >. There are tags that are very common in most websites and that can easily be found on a standard web page. This article details some of these tags.

The <HTML> tag is the most common tag seen in all web pages coded with HTML. This tag is responsible for identifying the file type of the document and hence would not miss in a HTML coded page. The other tag that ranks second in importance after the HTML tag is the body tag (<body>). The body tag encloses all the content of a web page and it signifies the beginning of the web page content as well as its end. In some cases, the title tag (<title>) is also evident and it denotes the title of a page. This is especially important in search engine optimization.

Organization of content in a web page is very important as it enhances the presentability of a site. It is vital to arrange information on a site in paragraphs to make it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. This makes the paragraph tag denoted as <P>, a very important tag found in almost all the pages which offer information. The paragraph tags mark where a paragraph will begin and where it will end facilitating the organization of information on a web page. Without this important tag, web page information would lack paragraphs.

The hyperlink tag is also found in most of the web pages keen on including a number of hyperlinks to either other websites or other pages of the same site. It is denoted as <a href> and it is usually located around the main text that makes up the hyperlink.  Images are common elements of modern day sites as such the image tag is also very common. It is denoted by <img src> at the location where an image is supposed to be. It is also one of the few tags with no closing tag.

Various elements on a web page usually need formatting and as such there are several tags that are used for formatting. The <font> tag indicates the formatting of the font of web content and can include the font type, size and even color for example <font face = “Ariel” font size = “12”>text</font>. Italic and bold tags are used to format text and are denoted as <i> and <b> respectively.

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