Enhancing the sidebar in wordpress for effective blogging

WordPress has gained popularity and is a tool which is now very important to form a perfect blogging site. This is your personalized site as the administrative panel is completely in your hands and you can play with this according to your imaginations and creativity. The wordpress allows you post various post or blogs in your site according to the categories and the sub-categories defined previously. The sidebar is something which is displayed on the right and left sides of your page contents.

Generally, people post everything and put so many plug-ins in the sidebar which makes it messy. The chaos is created when the unplanned things are all pushed up in the sidebar making it confusing and hectic for the members to use. They all-together put lots of advertisements, maps, various types of links, various chat options, etc. This leads to complete hodgepodge of the sidebar and people find it irritating to see so many things popping out altogether. The sidebar must be having only things which are related to your blog and it must be important to display those things in wordpress sidebar.

The widgets in form of archives must be absolutely displayed on the sidebar. It is a must. The archives in the wordpress allow you to categorize your blogs into the different archives according to the time. This helps easy navigation of the blogs that are uploaded on the site. Not only this, it is very much essential to customize the sidebar as in accordance with the main page of your site. This enables you to essentially provide a customized blog and sidebar. It must be coordinated in terms of the colour, font, size, layouts, etc.

The RSS feeds must be placed perfectly in the sidebar and it must also be clearly noticeable for the members, so as to fill that RSS and try to spread your post and blog to mass. This helps you to allow your blogs to be attractive and also the members you posts in your site can have the benefit of mass spread advertisement of their blogs by doing this. The rss feed must be placed carefully on the sidebar so as to make it noticeable and must also be visible easily.

The wordpress sidebars can also have the plug-ins related to the weather reports or the total number of the visitors which visited the blog or the site. This can give information related to the various blog visitors and the top rated blogger of the month. This can be a psychographic reward for the bloggers and hence attracts the traffic to your site. The designing and formatting of the font in the sidebar is very much important and it needs to be highlighted as much as possible. The advertisements must be only placed if sufficient and all relevant information related to the blogs have been posted on your wordpress sidebar, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. The text provided must have a hyperlink option so as to divert to the concerned page.

This all will help you to build a perfect sidebar for your wordpress site.

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