Overview of simple wordpress default theme

WordPress is something that people are going mad about these days. The software which enables you to pour in your creativity and imaginations and help you design your dream website just the way you want it. WordPress is totally based on technicalities and so is a bit complex as the features can be customized and so it is very important to know first the basic steps to operate wordpress.

So, once the wordpress has been downloaded it is very much to know each and every main tab and the features attached with the wordpress. Begin with the option of administrative panel. This is at the top of the website. It is most important panel of the wordpress and all the customization of themes and the writing style of your website begins from this. The website can be designed and crafted from using all the tools present in this administrative panel. The view site option enables you to view the exact position of your site so that you can afterwards customize it.

To the beginners it is advisable to study first the basic theme of the wordpress before changing the layouts with the added features. The basic layout which represents the style and the look of your website is know is the theme of your wordpress. The basic starts with the header which is highlighted in the complete website designing where the title name of your website will be placed. Then there is a sidebar menu which is placed in the left hand side of the layout. This is the general layout, known as default and can be changed easily. Then the next section is the main part of the website where you can post and write descriptions of the blog such as the title and the brief information about the various posts related to the blogs. The information related to the blog like the person who wrote this, the time of posting and other various details are present in such post section. The last or the ending part is the footer of the blog or site to be designed. It is generally by default written that the blog is “powered by wordpress”. This helps in stopping the plagiarism and gives you copyright for your content.

The sidebar is used by people to search different blogs according to the names and the time period and various categories under which the blogs are written by the authors. This is the basic theme of wordpress and then it can be customized according to the needs and taste.

The details can be formatted to various colours fonts and designs in the title menu and other parts of the wordpress default theme. This feature is named hover and every time you change the position of your mouse to different colours it will adjust to the same and so you can the change the default theme and customize it by your own choice.

Thus, this is the basic theme which you need to learn about before working on wordpress and explore in future to play with the same.

How to control content posted through wordpress

WordPress is a medium where you can create your posts and get your dream blog website. This allows you to customize the content and place the things according to your desires and thoughts. WordPress has emerged as the great solution where in the bloggers can publish their content in the systemized manner and can share their thoughts easily with mass in the whole wide world without any constraints. The people looking for the perfect solution and a personalized website to promote their articles, writings and get their personalized content to share with public can use wordpress as a medium to spread their words.

The most important part of wordpress is the detailing work which is complex and need to be perfectly studies before making any changes in the basic format and layouts. The posts can be easily created with the post page after making the main page and getting it done in the categorization and archives section according to the dates of written articles or sorted through the names of the article or post writers. The when all the posts are cleared and the content is posted into their opted places, it is the time to control this content.

WordPress allows you to control this content by offering several features. WordPress offers the facility for the password system which can allow people to control the posts which people posts on the site. The password system allows you to either post a question or get a password in the e-mail id of the member to read the post and make it private. Through this the posts can be customized and privacy can be set. Only the people whom you want can see the posts and can be shared with fewer people of your choice.

The post which is created today can be presented in the blog next day or the day set previously at the future day. The post slug can be implemented with the advanced features of wordpress to control the posted content on your blog site. This option cleans the content on the site. The multi page option allows the people associated with the website and the members can get the convenience of visualizing whole post in one page instead of turning the pages here and there. The wordpress also allows you to categorize the content and the posts into the sub-categories and also helps you to generate various emoticons and the smileys which add a personalized touch to your articles.

This wordpress tool also helps you to upload the files in the form of images, videos and audio files to your post and enhance the posts in form of multimedia posts. The posts which are incomplete can also be saved in the form of drafts in wordpress. The posts can be formatted through the various features and template files. Moreover, the posts can be customized, edited and deleted through the various features enabled in the wordpress.

Definitely, wordpress is the solution to the blogging site and allows you to control the content posted on the site.

Enhancing the sidebar in wordpress for effective blogging

WordPress has gained popularity and is a tool which is now very important to form a perfect blogging site. This is your personalized site as the administrative panel is completely in your hands and you can play with this according to your imaginations and creativity. The wordpress allows you post various post or blogs in your site according to the categories and the sub-categories defined previously. The sidebar is something which is displayed on the right and left sides of your page contents.

Generally, people post everything and put so many plug-ins in the sidebar which makes it messy. The chaos is created when the unplanned things are all pushed up in the sidebar making it confusing and hectic for the members to use. They all-together put lots of advertisements, maps, various types of links, various chat options, etc. This leads to complete hodgepodge of the sidebar and people find it irritating to see so many things popping out altogether. The sidebar must be having only things which are related to your blog and it must be important to display those things in wordpress sidebar.

The widgets in form of archives must be absolutely displayed on the sidebar. It is a must. The archives in the wordpress allow you to categorize your blogs into the different archives according to the time. This helps easy navigation of the blogs that are uploaded on the site. Not only this, it is very much essential to customize the sidebar as in accordance with the main page of your site. This enables you to essentially provide a customized blog and sidebar. It must be coordinated in terms of the colour, font, size, layouts, etc.

The RSS feeds must be placed perfectly in the sidebar and it must also be clearly noticeable for the members, so as to fill that RSS and try to spread your post and blog to mass. This helps you to allow your blogs to be attractive and also the members you posts in your site can have the benefit of mass spread advertisement of their blogs by doing this. The rss feed must be placed carefully on the sidebar so as to make it noticeable and must also be visible easily.

The wordpress sidebars can also have the plug-ins related to the weather reports or the total number of the visitors which visited the blog or the site. This can give information related to the various blog visitors and the top rated blogger of the month. This can be a psychographic reward for the bloggers and hence attracts the traffic to your site. The designing and formatting of the font in the sidebar is very much important and it needs to be highlighted as much as possible. The advertisements must be only placed if sufficient and all relevant information related to the blogs have been posted on your wordpress sidebar, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. The text provided must have a hyperlink option so as to divert to the concerned page.

This all will help you to build a perfect sidebar for your wordpress site.

Enhancing, forming and setting the blog post in wordpress

It is blogging which is spreading like bush fire trend in most parts of the world. People have got the platform as wordpress to spread their word to people around the globe. WordPress is something which has changed the way blogging actually used to work. It enables to enhance various designing formats and layouts in wordpress. This is actually allowing people to do real personal blogging.

The plug-ins must be installed after the creation of the basic homepage. This allows you to make your page more formal, fun and different at the same time. The choosing of plug-in depends on the nature of the blogs that you want to post in your website. This is really going to enhance your website. The codex plug-in needs to be installed first which will allow you to search for the wordpress codex.

Then real works starts by adding new categories to the blogs. The section wise categorization is possible by going into the manage option and then clicking on add categories option. This will enable you to form blogs under various categories. The main point is the main categories must be formed first and then the other categories need to be constructed. The categories are stored generally either in alphabetical sequence or according to the id assigned to that particular category. So, to avoid saving and displaying articles in form of the alphabetical sequence it is advisable to save it in id number sequence which is generated automatically in wordpress.

Then is the next step of putting the various blogs in the categories and sub-categories formed. The various posts can be easily uploaded to various assigned categories through the category panel option. In the manage tab, select category panel and from that choose the option of posts. When you do this, the option allows you to posts your blogs on the website under various categories. There is option where you can place your text in the categories. Not only this, you also see the option of the view where you can just place the post and see how it looks or the preview like button. The other option is of edit, where you can edit the posts in the blogs and can re-type or change styles and fonts and other editing options to enhance the looks and content of your post. The third option is of delete, which allows you to delete a particular post from your blog or from a certain category. These three options give you a route for completely managing your posts in the blog.

Under the text content, there is an option before header; to save. This option allows you to save the post in the blog under the defined category. These saved posts can be displayed and seen from the view option of the admin panel where complete preview of your main page is done and the titles of the posts are shown in the sidebar under category and the particular archives through wordpress.

This way the blog posts can be formed, enhanced and saved in wordpress.

Why Webmaster Resource is a must for Every Website

There are some websites, that are making millions each day and there are some others, which are yet to earn a single penny, since the date of their publication. What is the difference between the sites, which are earning millions and those which are yet to earn a single penny. The most important difference between these two kinds of sites is lies in the maintenance of websites.

If you want to earn money by publishing a website, then you has to manage that professionally, otherwise, you are not going to earn any money; and to maintain a website professionally, you have to take the help of some tools available in the market. Without taking the help of those tools, you cannot make a successful website. Webmaster resource is one of them; below you will find the attributes of webmaster resources.

ü  If you have a website of your own, then you would love to know from which part of the globe, people are coming to your website. There are lots of benefits of knowing from which portion of the globe, people are coming to your website. For example, if you are find that only American people are coming mostly to your website but people from other part of the globe are not coming, but you want to have them at your website, then you should recheck the content or the products of your website, because there would be some mistake in your content or products and that is why people other than Americans are not coming to your website. So, you can modify the content according to the taste of the people, whom you want to have at your site or you can introduce some products according to the taste of the people other than Americans. You can know every details about people coming to your website by integrating webmaster resource with your website. With the help of webmaster resource, you can know the place from where a visitor has come to your website, the time at which he or she has paid visit to your website, the time he or she has spent on your website and the pages he or she has visited. Now, think, if you get this much information about the visitors coming to your website, then you can derive a lot of conclusions from these facts and according to the conclusions, you can modify your website.

ü  People generally find a particular website by the help of online search engines. When a people need to get any particular information or he or she has to buy any product or service, then he or she goes to a online search engine type a relative keyword to find the thing, he or she is looking for. If you want to promote your website or doing SEO of your website then you have to know the keywords people are typing to find websites of the niche, in which you are in. you can get those keywords with the help of the webmaster tool.

Go ahead and integrate the webmaster tool to your website.

Which Points to Consider at the Time of Hiring a Webmaster for your Website

If you have a website of your own and you need to manage that professionally, then you have to hire a webmaster, which is expert in handling webmaster resources. Webmaster resource is one of the most important tools a website requires to be professionally managed.

Only a person, who has enough idea about the webmaster resources can handle the tool and get the maximum benefit out of that; otherwise, it is really difficult to manage that, as that is a pure technical thing. If you possess enough knowledge about the webmaster tool and you have enough time to spare for that tool, then you can go ahead and handle the tool; otherwise, you should hire a webmaster from the market to take care of the webmaster requirement of your website.

At the time of hiring a webmaster for your website, you have to keep some points in your mind, to hire an expert webmaster, who can do lot of good to your website. Below, you will find some points which should be kept in the mind at the time of hiring a webmaster.

v  To hire a webmaster, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can find many webmaster service providing companies over the internet and there are some freelancers present over the internet, which are offering professional webmaster service. In fact the choices are many, but you have to be utterly careful at the time of hiring a webmaster for your website. You just can not afford to choose any one of the available with all the shutters of your eyes down.

v  Before choosing any webmaster you have to carry a proper investigation out; so that you could choose the best. If you are going for a company, which is offering webmaster service, then you have to investigate about the efficiency of the company. To investigate about the company, you also don’t need to go anywhere else than the internet and that is the beauty of the internet. The most effective way to investigate about a company is to ask the previous customers of the company about the service, the company provides. You can check, what the customers are saying about the company by visiting to the consumer forums. You can also do that by reading reviews about the company. If you are hiring a freelancer for the purpose then you can investigate about the efficiency of the freelancer in the same fashion.

v  At the time of hiring any webmater, just shortlist few of them; either companies, freelancers or a mix of both. After preparing the short list, just compare the price they charge for their service and find out the company or freelancer, which is offering your required service at the lowest cost.

v  Don’t go for a long term contract at the beginning; instead, go for a short term contract, so that you can witness the service offered by the hired party. You can also ask for a free testing period.


Webmaster Resources – Through the Looking Glass

Most of the online users commend many different webmaster resources for designing a website. You can find all resources required by web developers and webmasters, for instance, web tools, web design and web applications, free scripts etc, which will help to create websites.

Here are the components available in webmaster resources required to build a website:


There is various scripting language available such as Javascript, VBScript, PHP Scripts. Different webmaster resources offer different scripting languages such as Hscripts.com offers developers to develop website in either (one or combination) of Jsp, Php, Ajax, Perl, Jquery, Asp scripts and Shell. Such tools also have help codes which developers can use if required. Some tools offers the facility of direct execution of the sample codes. This saves time of the developer. To use more advanced scripts developers can even purchase licenses.

Online tools:

These tools help reducing the effort of developers to code a web page. For example, developers can easily find the scripts of flash images developed online. This will reduce their work to a great extent.

Many other helping tools like Case Converter, Form Generator, Website Popularity, Menu Builder, Link Analyzer Page Rank Checker, are available in these websites.


These websites provide you sufficient information to learn new job skills or improve your existing skills online.

A variety of online tutorials can instruct you for doing particular task. There are a variety of tutorials available online with practical examples.


While programming developers get stuck with many issues which they are not able to resolve without the help of online code snippets available over internet. At times they get stuck in some small programming logics as well, which are resolved by tips and tricks available online. They have to analyze the solutions to make sure that it best fits their requirements. Webmaster resources provide a good set of code snippets for the assistance of web developers.

For example to covert list of items into array of the same is the most common doubt of programmers.

Other resources:

Webmaster resources not only help in web development but also have a good assortment of images, to help you design your website with logos, country maps and background images. You can always download the images available as free. There is also a collection for the premium users (which mostly are the web development professionals). They have to pay for getting the premium membership.


Hence webmaster resources provide everything that a web master professional or a beginner requires. So, every website owner or administrator should consider webmaster seriously and should take the help of webmaster tool to maintain the website professionally. If the owner or administrator doesn’t have enough knowledge about the webmaster, then a professional webmaster should be hired. One can go for in-house webmasters or virtual webmaster service providers, there are many companies are there over the internet, which are providing webmaster services and there are freelancers also, who are providing the service.








Webmaster Resources – An Overview

Every day thousands of websites are getting lunched and thousands are dying also. Today it is not at all difficult to own and operate a website but it is not at all easy to make a website successful. It takes huge effort to make a website successful and one should possess various kinds of technical knowledge to do that, otherwise, there is a heavy chance of effort going waste.

As I have said before, you need technical knowledge to make your website hit. Here, I am explaining you, why you require that technical knowledge to be a successful website owner. First of all, at the time of building your website, you should have knowledge to convey your requirement to your designer. Most of the people don’t know what they require in their website. If you possess some technical knowledge, then you can advice your designer about the building of your website. If you don’t possess that, then you can visit different website and choose any of them as the sample website for your website.

After building a nice website, the harder part actually begins. You have to promote and monitor your website. There are many service providers, which can help you promoting and monitoring your website, but as a new website owner, you may not able to afford the cost of their service; so, it is better to do those by yourself till you get a handsome inflow of income from your website. To monitor and promote your website, you require some tools and proper knowledge about those tools.

Webmaster resource is a tool, which can help you monitoring your website and promote your website in the effective direction. Let us discuss, what the benefit you can get from the webmaster resource.

  • You should monitor the traffic coming to your website. If you can do that then you can know from which part of the world, your website is getting visitors and in which part, your website is yet to be popular. You can get this information by the help of the webmaster resources. According to the webmaster information, you can promote your website, in those part of the world, where it is yet to be popular.
  • With the help of webmaster resource, you can also know, how many time a visitor spent on your site and how many pages he or she visited. If you found that, people are not staying much time on your website, then you can derive a conclusion that there is something wrong with the content of your website or the products or services you are selling are not enough attractive to allure the visitors.
  • Not only these, there are many more thing can be done by webmaster resource and all of those will help you to make your website successful.

Then, why to wait. Go ahead and integrate webmaster resource to your website today and help your website to be a better one, get more and more visitors and earn better revenue.


Choosing a language for web development

As the demand for developing websites with multiple functionalities increases, choosing a web development language has become more critical. Different web development languages perform different functions and settling for the right language can sometimes become almost impossible. However, new developments have made it possible for a web developer to incorporate several scripting languages in to the web development process. This has definitely added dimension to this industry and made it possible to benefit from the distinct features of the various scripting languages available. When it comes to choosing a scripting language for web development, there are several languages that you can choose from. This article reviews some of the most common scripting languages for web development.

PHP has evolved to become one of the most popular open source programming languages in web development. This can be attributed to its simplicity and flexibility in addition to being absolutely free. Initially developed by a large community of members, it is the most updated language making it one of the most favored languages in the web development industry. However, the language has some shortcomings such as lack of sensitivity and event based errors. These errors can however be overlooked given the numerous benefits.

Java Server Pages (JSP) is another open source programming language that can be used even by people who are not conversant with JavaScript. It makes use of tag extensions which are very simple and clean. It stands out in that it allows Java tag library developers to incorporate simple tag handlers. However, it is not XML compliant and as such has to be used with HTML or XML. Perl on the other hand is a scripting language that is both powerful and mature. It offers the average web developer almost any tool they need and it is frequently updated to make it more efficient. It is however not ideal for people who do not like using different varieties of syntaxes.

ASP.NET is indisputably the most versatile open source programming language that can also be used with other compatible languages such as C, COBOL, Jscript, and Python among others. It is also compatible with Visual Studio, Webmatrix, C+ and C++ Builder. The language is quite sophisticated and requires background knowledge in order to exploit its features fully. It however has the disadvantage of being a bit slow in executing some operations.

The C language is a programming language initially designed for UNIX operating system but it has since been used on other operating systems. It is efficient and popular for writing applications as well as writing system software. C++ was developed as “C with Classes” with the goal of adding data abstraction and object oriented features to C.

Cold Fusion is a scripting language based on HTML that is mainly used to write dynamic pages. It allows you to query data from a database, create object oriented enterprise level applications as well as use hundreds of inbuilt functions and tags. The tags are mainly HTML, integrated with Cold Fusion Markup Language Tags. It has the advantage of being easily compatible with many Adobe Technologies.

Common mistakes made in web development

One would think that web development being the dynamic industry it is with many sophisticated tools and technologies is perfect and error free. From the look of things, web development is not a career for quacks and with this in mind; a user would expect well developed websites. This is however not the case and many websites on the internet are ridden with mistakes. Mistakes are not out of the domain of the average human being and experienced wed developers are those who have learned from mistakes: the things that, attending a class does not teach you. However, some mistakes made on a site can cost you dearly and while a good developer learns from their mistakes, a better developer learns from other people’s mistakes. These are some of the mistakes you should avoid on the site you are developing.

One of the mistakes made by web developers is high initial programming costs. Sometimes, a developer spends too much on building and launching the site with no guarantee that the site will draw traffic. This can lead to frustration when the budget gets exhausted and no returns are discovered. A better approach would be to go slow on the programming expenditure until you are sure that the site can give returns and then upgrade.

Another common mistake made by developers is forgetting to take care of the basics. As the site that had been developed gains more and more traffic, the website may require upgrading. It is therefore important to make sure that everything on the website including the files can be adjusted to accommodate increasing traffic. Graphic files should allow for compression so that the loading time is not compromised upon adding new content. This mistake also goes hand in hand with impenetrable information. Developers sometimes fail to develop a navigation system that can cater for a large site. As the site expands and gains many pages, the navigation system fails to cater for the client needs making it difficult for visitors to find information.

Incompatibility is the other mistake witnessed in websites that can cost the webmaster valuable traffic. It can be in the form of browser, resolution or even devices. With the advent of mobile devices as a way of accessing the internet as well as many new browsers and visitors using screens of different resolutions, incompatibility becomes a problem. A good way of avoiding this is to ensure that you test your site thoroughly for compatibility with different browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices as well as different internet speeds to ensure you are not locking out any traffic based on these factors.

Security lapses have also made a share of the mistakes made by web developers. As a website grows to contain more information and have more visitors, security threats become a reality. Failing to take care of security when developing the website, can cost you dearly. There is need to ensure secure coding and maintenance of operating systems to prevent hacking of customer databases and confidential information.