Overview of simple wordpress default theme

WordPress is something that people are going mad about these days. The software which enables you to pour in your creativity and imaginations and help you design your dream website just the way you want it. WordPress is totally based on technicalities and so is a bit complex as the features can be customized and so it is very important to know first the basic steps to operate wordpress.

So, once the wordpress has been downloaded it is very much to know each and every main tab and the features attached with the wordpress. Begin with the option of administrative panel. This is at the top of the website. It is most important panel of the wordpress and all the customization of themes and the writing style of your website begins from this. The website can be designed and crafted from using all the tools present in this administrative panel. The view site option enables you to view the exact position of your site so that you can afterwards customize it.

To the beginners it is advisable to study first the basic theme of the wordpress before changing the layouts with the added features. The basic layout which represents the style and the look of your website is know is the theme of your wordpress. The basic starts with the header which is highlighted in the complete website designing where the title name of your website will be placed. Then there is a sidebar menu which is placed in the left hand side of the layout. This is the general layout, known as default and can be changed easily. Then the next section is the main part of the website where you can post and write descriptions of the blog such as the title and the brief information about the various posts related to the blogs. The information related to the blog like the person who wrote this, the time of posting and other various details are present in such post section. The last or the ending part is the footer of the blog or site to be designed. It is generally by default written that the blog is “powered by wordpress”. This helps in stopping the plagiarism and gives you copyright for your content.

The sidebar is used by people to search different blogs according to the names and the time period and various categories under which the blogs are written by the authors. This is the basic theme of wordpress and then it can be customized according to the needs and taste.

The details can be formatted to various colours fonts and designs in the title menu and other parts of the wordpress default theme. This feature is named hover and every time you change the position of your mouse to different colours it will adjust to the same and so you can the change the default theme and customize it by your own choice.

Thus, this is the basic theme which you need to learn about before working on wordpress and explore in future to play with the same.

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