Common mistakes made in web development

One would think that web development being the dynamic industry it is with many sophisticated tools and technologies is perfect and error free. From the look of things, web development is not a career for quacks and with this in mind; a user would expect well developed websites. This is however not the case and many websites on the internet are ridden with mistakes. Mistakes are not out of the domain of the average human being and experienced wed developers are those who have learned from mistakes: the things that, attending a class does not teach you. However, some mistakes made on a site can cost you dearly and while a good developer learns from their mistakes, a better developer learns from other people’s mistakes. These are some of the mistakes you should avoid on the site you are developing.

One of the mistakes made by web developers is high initial programming costs. Sometimes, a developer spends too much on building and launching the site with no guarantee that the site will draw traffic. This can lead to frustration when the budget gets exhausted and no returns are discovered. A better approach would be to go slow on the programming expenditure until you are sure that the site can give returns and then upgrade.

Another common mistake made by developers is forgetting to take care of the basics. As the site that had been developed gains more and more traffic, the website may require upgrading. It is therefore important to make sure that everything on the website including the files can be adjusted to accommodate increasing traffic. Graphic files should allow for compression so that the loading time is not compromised upon adding new content. This mistake also goes hand in hand with impenetrable information. Developers sometimes fail to develop a navigation system that can cater for a large site. As the site expands and gains many pages, the navigation system fails to cater for the client needs making it difficult for visitors to find information.

Incompatibility is the other mistake witnessed in websites that can cost the webmaster valuable traffic. It can be in the form of browser, resolution or even devices. With the advent of mobile devices as a way of accessing the internet as well as many new browsers and visitors using screens of different resolutions, incompatibility becomes a problem. A good way of avoiding this is to ensure that you test your site thoroughly for compatibility with different browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices as well as different internet speeds to ensure you are not locking out any traffic based on these factors.

Security lapses have also made a share of the mistakes made by web developers. As a website grows to contain more information and have more visitors, security threats become a reality. Failing to take care of security when developing the website, can cost you dearly. There is need to ensure secure coding and maintenance of operating systems to prevent hacking of customer databases and confidential information.

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