Basic HTML for blogs and emails

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the code used for most of the content found on the internet. It is a command language used to alter different parts of the content on any given website. This coding is used by most bloggers and email providers. Although HTML cannot be used for some functions like embedding videos, graphics and tables, there are many simple functions that can be done effectively by the use of HTML codes including modifying texts, colors, fonts and links. These elements are important for enhancing readability of the blog content.

Text is one of the most important elements of the blog or email. It has to be such that the readers can be able to read the text comfortably. Headings and the normal text can be differentiated by bolding, italicizing and underlining the heading. These simple commands are done by the use of tags. Tags are used to select the part of a text to be formatted to a different style for example, in the sentence ‘this is a fruit stand!’, the changes the fruit part of the sentence to bold and the tag signifies the end of the bold effect.

To underline, the tags and would be used to underline and and for italics in the parts of the sentence enclosed by both tags. HTML can also be used to change color and the font of the content. To change the font, the tag font name to change the font. The font name depicts the name for instance Arial or Times New Roman which are usually in the lower case. The tag is used to turn on a certain font and to turn of the font selected. You may need to change the size of the font used depending on circumstances in order to ensure that the font can be read by all potential clients comfortably. To change the size of the font in such a case, the tag is used where x designates the number of the fonts you would like to use. The size of the font ranges from one which is the lowest to seven which is the highest. The tag is used to turn off the changes made to the font.

Another important element of the blog and email is the color. The color should be viewed by the users without a problem. To change the color, the tag is used where red can be any other preferred color. The color can be chosen using the six-digit hexadecimal code in which you end up with a tag such as where AB1943C can be any color of your choice. The tag turns off the changes made.

When including links in the blog or email, the tag text is used where ‘address’ is the URL of the site you are providing link for. Words can be used to represent the link and to redirect to the main site when clicked on.

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