HTML text links

WebPages usually have links that redirect you to another page. These links are usually called hyperlinks which can be in the form of words, phrases or images. Text links usually have the word or phrase. These links are specified by the element in which the and are the opening and closing tags. These tags are known as anchor tag which has the following attributes, href which is used to identify the URL of the target hyperlink. The value of the href is valid URL document which can either be absolute or relative and may include a fragment identifier and JavaScript fragment.

The document being linked needs to have a title. This allows the users to have an idea of what is included in the linked document. After all, users will only click on the link when they are interested in it. Interest is determined by the title of the link which is discussed in the document. The value of the title is usually a string that is enclosed in quotation marks. The title can be displayed as the word or phrase or can be hidden partly and highlighted only when the mouse is passed around the link.

Target is an attribute of the anchor which specifies the position where the link will be placed. This can be configured in various ways. For example, when the target is set as parent or top, the same window is used to display the page opened through the link. On the other hand, when blank is used, a new window is opened when the link is clicked on. The hyperlink can also be set as self in which the new page is loaded on the current window. It is possible to set labels on the document. This is done by the use of name and id attributes of the anchor tag. Depending on the page that you are placing a link for, you may need to use JavaScript and VBscript. In such a case, the attributes onClick and Onmouseover are used to trigger the Scripts. This is usually common with pages that have graphics which are loaded using the scripts.

It is important to provide access keys which are to be activated using the keyboard to allow the users to access the document. Access keys are depending on which key the webmaster would like to use. Most common access keys are CTRL and ALT used along with other keys which could be T, A, D or any other key the webmaster chooses. For the user to access the linked document, the key CTRL or ALT is pressed and press the other key without releasing the CTRL or ALT key. This automatically activates the document which is opened in either the current or a new window depending on the settings put by the webmaster. If you are planning to include links in your site, it is important to ensure that users are able to visualize them well. You can color the link which should be visible to all clients. Do not use colours that are not easily visible.

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