Enhancing, forming and setting the blog post in wordpress

It is blogging which is spreading like bush fire trend in most parts of the world. People have got the platform as wordpress to spread their word to people around the globe. WordPress is something which has changed the way blogging actually used to work. It enables to enhance various designing formats and layouts in wordpress. This is actually allowing people to do real personal blogging.

The plug-ins must be installed after the creation of the basic homepage. This allows you to make your page more formal, fun and different at the same time. The choosing of plug-in depends on the nature of the blogs that you want to post in your website. This is really going to enhance your website. The codex plug-in needs to be installed first which will allow you to search for the wordpress codex.

Then real works starts by adding new categories to the blogs. The section wise categorization is possible by going into the manage option and then clicking on add categories option. This will enable you to form blogs under various categories. The main point is the main categories must be formed first and then the other categories need to be constructed. The categories are stored generally either in alphabetical sequence or according to the id assigned to that particular category. So, to avoid saving and displaying articles in form of the alphabetical sequence it is advisable to save it in id number sequence which is generated automatically in wordpress.

Then is the next step of putting the various blogs in the categories and sub-categories formed. The various posts can be easily uploaded to various assigned categories through the category panel option. In the manage tab, select category panel and from that choose the option of posts. When you do this, the option allows you to posts your blogs on the website under various categories. There is option where you can place your text in the categories. Not only this, you also see the option of the view where you can just place the post and see how it looks or the preview like button. The other option is of edit, where you can edit the posts in the blogs and can re-type or change styles and fonts and other editing options to enhance the looks and content of your post. The third option is of delete, which allows you to delete a particular post from your blog or from a certain category. These three options give you a route for completely managing your posts in the blog.

Under the text content, there is an option before header; to save. This option allows you to save the post in the blog under the defined category. These saved posts can be displayed and seen from the view option of the admin panel where complete preview of your main page is done and the titles of the posts are shown in the sidebar under category and the particular archives through wordpress.

This way the blog posts can be formed, enhanced and saved in wordpress.

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