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NEW YORK, April 29 (Reuters) - Stock markets worldwideslumped on Wednesday after a batch of weaker-than-expectedcorporate results and data showing U.S. economic growth brakedmore sharply than expected in the first quarter, while thedollar plunged to a nine-week low.

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They call themselves the Nappy Campers. On a perfectly ordinary street in Paddington, north London, the five of them have been sleeping in tents or on a bench for nine nights now, just so they can say they were the first to see him – or her.


“The strength of the economy and relatively subdued pace of activity in the housing market remains something of an anomaly. It is possible that heightened uncertainty ahead of the election is weighing on activity, though there is no compelling evidence from previous UK elections to suggest a strong impact.

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University rankings have always proved popular. Both among prospective and current students - not to mention the university alumni who happily share new tables should their university be doing well. There is nothing like a successful ranking to bring out loyalty to an institution.

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The treatment, dubbed "chemoimmunotherapy", involved low doses of the drug oxaliplatin which has a unique ability to activate cancer-killing immune cells. Equally important to the treatment was removing or blocking immune system cells that put a brake on the body's defences.

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The French Education Ministry stipulates that pupils must stay seated at table for at least half an hour. Snack and soft-drink machines are banned, and the Agriculture Ministry sets guidelines for balanced school meals.