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Rockwell Automation Inc, a maker of automation systems, lowered its full-year profit and revenueforecast in January, citing a strong dollar. When the company reports second-quarter results,Rockwell's investors will also be looking for comments on its performance in Asia as economicgrowth slows in the region.

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Captain Janeway was famouse for her one liners, and this is one of the best. Janeway is commanding her unit to target the cargo hold of an alien ship and says, "time to take out the garbage."

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So, who are we supposed to believe? If the Iranians are lying about this, what else are they lying about? If we can’t take their word on this, why should we take their word on anything else? If this is part of their negotiating process, why are we negotiating with them?

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"The good thing is all prisoners were executed together while praying and singing. Before that they hugged each other, saying goodbye," Christina Widiantarti, a lawyer for Brazilian convict Rodrigo Gularte said after witnessing their deaths.

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Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said theprosecution had made every effort to contact the allegedvictim's brother, but he chose not to testify at the trial. Hesaid he thought the prosecution had proved its case nonetheless.

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Parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing were due to run out on Thursday, suggesting Kensington Palace expected the Duchess to have given birth by then when it made the arrangements with Westminster Council.

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Australian leaders have been, for the most part cautious, in their public remarks, although Prime Minister Abbott's linking of Australia's generous tsunami aid to the clemency campaign was strongly criticised in Indonesia.


“When you take the cost of pay-per-view and divide it by the number of viewers in each house we expect the cost averages out to that of a movie ticket,” Taffet said. “The cost of the refreshments for the viewing parties usually exceeds the cost of the pay-per-view telecast.”

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On this week's Daily News Yankees Podcast, beat writer Mark Feinsand sits down in the dugout with Yankees catcher Brian McCann to discuss the team's latest hot streak, Masahiro Tanaka's resurgence and what the Yankees can expect from CC Sabathia.

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"With CEO Ben van Beurden loudly espousing the strategic rationale of the deal and the role it can have in foisting change upon Shell, they'll be looking to get it approved by regulators and closed as soon as they can — just in case," said Beesley.

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The villagers have no idea when they might get help and are still sleeping together in the mud and sharing whatever scraps of food they can pull from beneath their ruined buildings. Three people in the hamlet have died.

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Nevertheless, a Nepali-French rescue team pulled a 28-year-old man, Rishi Khanal, from a collapsed apartment block in Kathmandu on Tuesday after he had spent around 80 hours trapped in a room with three dead bodies.

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They had top men on this one — Top. Men. — but after a several-months-long investigation, Major League Baseball just announced that the investigation produced no finding of a violation of Major League Rule 3(k) on Tampering.

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Most devices, used as directed, are relatively safe, Batra said, but he emphasized that babies in slings need to be “visible and kissable,” as a sling may put baby’s head in a hazardous position otherwise.


London-born Myuran Sukumaran, 34, was an art teacher and painter whose final canvas was signed by all nine prisoners to be executed. Andrew Chan, 31, became a devout Christian and married his fiancée hours before died.

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MOSCOW, April 29 (Reuters) - Russia has abandoned a 2.6billion rouble ($51 million) mission to supply the InternationalSpace Station, the head of the Roscosmos space agency said onWednesday, the latest setback for the country's beleagueredspace programme.

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Not far behind in cost are a crop of recently approved immuno-oncology drugs, which work by harnessing the immune system. They include Bristol-Myers Squibb Co's Yervoy treatment for melanoma, which commands about $120,000 for a complete course of four infusions, and Merck & Co's new Keytruda melanoma drug, which costs $150,000 for a year of treatment.

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The key moment the engineers wanted to observe was "thermal runaway", where so much heat is produced that it causes an escalating chain reaction. It took 161 seconds to reach this point inside one battery, and 217 seconds in the other.

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Opening statements had been expected on Wednesday in the murder case against Crittenton and his cousin, Douglas Gamble, who were accused of gunning down Julian Jones, 22, a mother of four, in August 2011.

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He says he was always interested in hair and during his 12 years in the financial industry took lessons and apprenticeships on the side to learn the trade. Then he spied an opening and began saving. "I noticed there was no salon in a mall in this country and I wanted to be the first - though it was a big risk."

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Energy analyst David Hunter at consultancy Schneider Electric said: "Gazprom is facing a perfect storm of faltering European gas demand, economic sanctions on Russia, the falling rouble and global oversupply in liquefied natural gas.

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The Obama administration has rolled out the red carpet for Abe, seeking to showcase deeper defense ties and advance the long-delayed trade deal as the two allies work to counter China’s rising power in the region.

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A second Hispanic-American in the Republican race, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, has largely lost the language of his Cuban-born father and is unlikely to give it much of a go, considering that he's not done so as a senator in heavily Hispanic Texas. He says his Spanish is lousy.'' (Another contender, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, also is not fluent.)