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Chelsea produce their best move of the match so far, as Willian bursts clear down the left and pulls it back perfectly for Drogba, who makes a complete mess of it. He really does look a spent force (saying this almost certainly means he'll get a goal tonight).

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“The judgement has gone through in Manchester, where a lot of these flight delay cases are heard,” said a spokesman. “I would be surprised if other judges here didn’t see this ruling and follow the same logic.”

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"Despite recent real firmness and signs that inflation maybe topping out, we suspect the bank will signal that furthertightening remains in play," analysts with Brown BrothersHarriman wrote in a note on Wednesday.

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Two years later, he pushed Abdullah's biggest foreign policyinitiative, an Arab plan for peace with Israel in return for awithdrawal from all occupied land and a resolution of therefugee problem, with similar gusto.

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Nidetch's first marriage ended in divorce in 1971; Marty Nidetch died in 2003. A second marriage, to Frank Schifano in 1976, lasted just a few months before ending in divorce. A son, Richard, died in 2006.

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"The franchisee investment is small.... From what I know,this could be rolled out nationally in a few months, whereasCreate Your Taste would take (two to three) years," said oneindustry source quoted in Kalinowski's note.

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''It is vital that health professionals, politicians and the food industry are made more aware that the food we eat is currently the single biggest cause of death and ill health in the UK. It is therefore imperative that responsibility for nutrition be handed back to an independent agency, where it is not affected by changes in government, ministers or political lobbying.''

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But understanding it all can be daunting for most and can be a source of confusion for the general public. Just how predictive are genomic tests? Is preventative medicine, such as taking a statin to guard against a heart attack or stroke, worthwhile? What are “good” and “bad” cholesterol and can they be controlled? Are blood tests to detect early disease necessary, such as measuring PSA for prostate cancer, or are they examples of a healthcare system run amok with unnecessary tests and procedures?

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"We all know the Fed would love to start normalizing rates, but the simple fact is, the data does not warrant that action right now," said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Phoenix Financial Services in New York.

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Two years after Louis had been knocked out in the 12th round of their first meeting, the 'Brown Bomber' exacted revenge by flattening Schmeling in 124 seconds. It was viewed as a victory for good over evil due to the Nazis' idolisation of Schmeling as evidence of Aryan supremacy, although the fighter himself opposed Hitler's Germany. Louis had been invited to the White House by President Franklin D Roosevelt and told: "Joe, we need muscles like yours to beat the Germans." No pressure there, then.

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“When you’re driving the Tube on the Northern Line you can only go to the loo at Barnet, Morden and Kennington. If you need to go through the journey, you just can’t, and you have to ring up and ask for permission to go to the toilet.

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"Boyhood" could be beaten by civil rights drama "Selma" orWorld War Two biopic "The Imitation Game," O'Neil said, andJennifer Aniston could snatch best drama actress for "Cake" fromoverwhelming favorite Julianne Moore for "Still Alice."

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Photographer Eugenio Grosso took pictures of the heavily loaded cars, mainly belonging to Tunisian immigrants who gather to take a ferry to Tunis. Grosso says that some of them are travelling home for a holiday, while others are professional sellers who go back and forth each week, following in the footsteps of their ancestors.

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Director Karen Froggatt said: "If those supposed to be protecting these vulnerable young people had spent less time judging their behaviour and more time believing their cries for help, the dreadful abuse detailed in this report would have ended far sooner."