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Aid workers said they expected the situation to be worseoutside the capital Kathmandu where fuel shortages meant thathospitals, which were being run on generators, are sufferingpower cuts and a lack of water.
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"We are continuing our efforts to obtain more information about the Iranian authorities' seizure - in international waters - of Maersk Tigris. We are not able at this point to establish or confirm the reason behind the seizure," Maersk added.
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In France, the conservative daily Le Figaro printed its bluemasthead in black over the headline "Freedom assassinated" butdid not reprint any cartoons. Communist daily L'Humanite printeda picture of the last cover of Charlie Hebdo. The Paris tabloidLe Parisien's headline also printed some cartoons.
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"That (extra provision) reflects the further discussions we've been having with a number of regulators and agencies around the world across multiple jurisdictions," Finance Director Tushar Morzaria told reporters.
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CENTENNIAL, Colo. — The courtroom where the Colorado theater shooting trial is unfolding is awash with emotion as survivors recount the horrors of dodging gunfire and stumbling over loved ones’ bodies as they fled.
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Clinton addressed the violence in Baltimore, where rioters looted stores and burned buildings to the ground on Monday following the funeral of a 25-year-old black man who died after suffering injuries while in police custody.
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Bush said the nation's economy depends on a restructured immigration system. "This country does not do well when people lurk in the shadows," Bush said. "This country does spectacularly well when everybody can pursue their God-given abilities."
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Choc on Choc created the poll line-up using a patented production method which layers chocolate to produce intricate and life-like designs. The faces of each politician is emblazoned on their respective Belgian milk chocolate bars in white and dark chocolate.
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Popcorn Time is becoming a real thorn in the sides of the film industry. The UK High Court has deemed the service a threat and infringes on copyright, forcing Virgin Media, BT Group, Sky and all other internet service providers to block it, similar to the block imposed on The Pirate Bay.
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Joko Widodo, Indonesia's president, has publicly declared a war on drugs and said he will refuse all clemency applications from convicted drug traffickers - a stance that could prove legally problematic given that the very point of a presidential clemency is to evaluate each individual on a case-by-case basis.
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Net interest income - the difference between interestcharged on loans and interest paid on deposits - rose 38 percentto 154 million euros, helped by lower deposit rates and therepayment of pricey state loans to the state, which BPIconcluded last June. The average forecast was 139 million. (Reporting By Andrei Khalip, editing by Shrikesh Laxmidas)
"Is the state so opposed to the data centre that it is willing to severely punish the 7,500 residents of Bluffdale?" he writes. "Or the one million residents of Salt Lake County based on the decisions of some government employees? If so, we as citizens should strongly look at the people running our state government."
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Tuna Amobi, media and entertainment equity analyst at S&PCapital IQ in New York, said he expects the first quarter forRegal was "challenging," but that "creates the potential for itto surprise on the upside."
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"You feel theirs was a good marriage, but Kate and Petrucio? I don't think so. It was such a horrid way of taming her - starving her, taking away her clothes, not allowing her to say what she thinks and feels. You can't be a whole person if somebody is beating you up in that kind of way."
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That model means the ECB is set to buy more bunds than anything else with its 60 billion euro per month splurge to September 2016. But, partly as a result, three quarters of all bunds now yield less than zero and a quarter of that universe is illegible for QE purchases because yields are under the -0.2 percent threshold below which the ECB refuses to buy.
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In the Esquire piece, A-Rod said of Jeter “(He's) has never had to lead. He can just go and play and have fun. He hits second — that's totally different than third or fourth in the lineup. You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie (Williams) and Paul (O’Neill). You never say, 'Don't let Derek beat us.' He's never your concern.”
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“We expect we will break the pay-per-view record,” said Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza, whose network is producing the telecast and is partners with HBO in delivering it. “We’re not sure exactly where the ceiling is but we are already seeing unprecedented traffic and unprecedented viewership. There are all kinds of indicators which point to huge success, we’re just not sure how huge of a success it will end up being.”
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Paul and bear got into quite a few scrapes, including having his tail (the plane, not the bear’s) shot to pieces above Stuttgart. He was briefly missing in action, but skilful flying meant Fl Lt Mellows was able to limp the Mosquito back to base, being awarded the DFC in the process. Paul’s miniature mess medal, along with his France and Germany star, is currently pinned to bear’s chest.
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Word of the test, which appears to be a simplified version of McDonald's "Create Your Taste" customization project, lands just before new Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook is scheduled to unveil his corporate turnaround plan on May 4.
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Myerson also said Microsoft's developer software will be compatible with Objective C, the main programming language used by Apple, meaning that it should be easy for developers to bring their iOS apps to Windows phones.
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Almost five years ago, Spanish documentary photographer Laia Abril began a project on eating disorders and the devastating effect they have on their victims. The first, entitled "A Bad Day", chronicled the daily life of a young girl suffering from bulimia. Shortly afterwards came "Thinspiration", a self-published zine documenting the online pro-anorexia community.
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Researchers at the University of Michigan made the devices using 3D printing, in which materials are added in layers to create custom products. Such printers are already used in medicine to create a number of custom implants, creating new jaws, hips and hearing devices, for example.