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McInerney said that, although Genworth would be open to selling its long-term care insurance unit, it could be difficult to find a buyer. Asked whether a sale of this business is possible, he said: "We are open to that but I don't put much weight on that being something that'd be viable some time soon."

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** Consumer products company Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc agreed to buy Armored AutoGroup Parent Inc, a maker ofcar care products, for $1.4 billion from private equity firmAvista Capital Partners.

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Mothers and fathers with young children know all too well the physical exhaustion, the sleepless nights, the stress of dealing with babies and toddlers. Add a general election campaign in there too, and campaigning becomes a remarkable feat.

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Consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of economic activity, decelerated to a rate of just 1.9 percent in the first quarter, down from a 4.4 percent surge in the fourth quarter. It was the weakest gain in a year.

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“Once things have been cleared up, I think there’s going to be a time I go back to Baltimore,” Obama said on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” a radio program. " Visiting now, Obama explained, would "take a lot of assets out of where they need to be."

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The bill allows party bosses to handpick the lead candidates on the ticket and assigns a heavy majority to the winning party or coalition with the aim of ensuring that a clear victor emerges from an election.

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Local independent councillor Dave Cuthbert is another tactical voting advocate and said: “ People here are prepared to vote against the SNP. But first Gordon Banks has got to shore up the Labour vote.”

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While fluctuations are to be expected on a monthly basis, this rise is backed up by a change in direction of the annual house price growth rate, which dipped from 11.1pc in August, to 9.4pc in September, with incremental monthly declines ever since.

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Overzealous enforcement of a rental-assistance voucher program, also known as Section 8, for participants in public housing was motivated in part by an uncorroborated perception in the community that blacks had brought gangs and crime to the area, the Justice Department said.