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* Graph based on Hovis soft white bread, Heinz baked beans, Wall’s smoked bacon, Asda sweet and sour cooking sauce, New Covent Garden leek, pea and ham soup, 200g ‘sharing’ pack of Doritos tangy cheese, Spicy Italian Subway, Sainsbury's big breakfast sandwich,Tesco prawn masala with pilau rice, Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza Pepperoni-Salami, large Wetherspoon’s fry-up, McDonald's Big Mac.
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I am not down with the kids, clearly, because I no longer know who the kids are. Weirdly, I think of young people as young: teenagers, possibly early 20s. After about 25 people seem to live in a permanent state of angst about ageing that is itself so monotonous (the quarter life crisis? Please) that they may as well be done with it and zoom straight to 50.
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NEW DELHI, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousandsof people injured by a devastating earthquake in Nepal could beleft with permanent disabilities if they are not treated quicklyand given proper care and rehabilitation, aid workers warned onWednesday.
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Consumer products maker Colgate-Palmolive Co is expected to report first-quarter sales belowanalysts' estimates, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine data, hit by a strong dollar. Colgateresorted to raising prices to buffer the dollar impact, but it cut earnings forecast for 2015,saying that currency fluctuations will remain a challenge throughout the year. Investors willlook out for updates on the forecast.
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Troops destroyed and cleared militant camps and rescued 200 abducted girls and 93 women “but they are not the Chibok girls,” army spokesman Col. Sani Usman said, referring to the schoolgirls who were kidnapped from the northeastern town last April. The militants took the girls in trucks into the Sambisa Forest. About 220 girls remain missing.
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When she finally shed her extra weight, though, she said she felt like she'd found the Fountain of Youth. For years after, when she'd wake up in the morning, she'd reach down and feel her hipbone to make sure she was still thin. She dyed her hair blonde and styled herself as a weight-loss champion.
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Bea Edwards, of the Government Accountability Project, an international charity that supports whistleblowers, condemned the UN for its witchhunt against a whistleblower who had acted to stop the abuse of children.
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The network of cameras is gathering data that will help scientists choose the most appropriate species to fit with collars that will then record the level of radioactive exposure the animal receives as it travels across the zone.
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"I believe the first role of government is to protect the personal rights and liberties of its citizens," says the Republican, who has represented a district near Dallas for two years. "Before we build a road or anything else, we have to ensure that those exist for every Texan."
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The No. 2 U.S. automaker said it is recalling 518,313 FordFusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans from model years 2013-2015 andFord Edge crossover vehicle from 2015 model year becausesteering gear motor attachment bolts may break due to corrosion.In that case, the steering system would default to manual mode,making it more difficult to steer, especially at lower speeds.
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The Marshall Islands -- officially known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and a former U.S. trust -- enjoys "associated state" status with the United States, meaning the U.S. agrees to defend the islands, provide economic subsidies and access to federally-funded social services. The islands have little natural resources, therefore in recent years have focused on expanding its service economy -- including delving into the shipping industry.
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London-born Myuran Sukumaran, 34, was an art teacher and painter whose final canvas was signed by all nine prisoners to be executed. Andrew Chan, 31, became a devout Christian and married his fiancée hours before died.
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With police and National Guard troops patrolling Baltimore's streets, schools reopened and business resumed in the city of 620,000 two days after rioting, looting and arson that injured 20 officers and led to 250 arrests.
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Given Apple’s already vice-like grip on the music industry, the company will no doubt have scads of exclusives of its own. At the same time, Tidal will have trouble sustaining its exclusives, given the reluctance of record companies, and artists, to alienate the industry’s other power players.