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Our first stop was Labour’s campaign headquarters in Enfield, where Harman and fellow passenger Diane Abbott gave speeches about the importance of women voting. Their impassioned words might have encouraged a few more women to vote – but that didn’t really matter because the crowd was already made up of die-hard Labour supporters and councillors.

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Pool D set me a bit of a poser. I could go French with André Fabre, who will be over at the weekend, but he is not a regular and it may pay to stay closer to home with James Fanshawe or David Simcock.

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Until the economy's recent slowdown, many economists had thought the first rate hike could occur in June. But as evidence has grown that the economy likely slowed significantly in the first quarter, analysts have been pushing back their estimates of the first rate increase until September or possibly later. Some analysts say persistently modest growth and low inflation could keep the Fed on hold until 2016.

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Brown said he has spoken to leaders in Oregon, Washington and Northeastern states about collaborating with California to cut their output of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Those states could potentially link to California's carbon market in future years.

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At least one-third of women in Ireland experience urinary incontinence during early pregnancy, while half of women suffer with this problem three months after giving birth, a major new study has found.


With eight days to go until the General Election, the Conservatives promised to introduce a law guaranteeing no rise in income tax rates, VAT or national insurance before 2020 if they get into government.