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Dempsey and Fink, a make-up artist and jewelry designer, snagged the unusual property for $7 million in 2009 and renovated it from top to bottom. They even operated a small farm on the grounds with their three children, daughter Talula and twin sons Darby and Sullivan. The family reportedly has several goats, poultry, miniature donkeys and even pigs, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported that the home was for sale.
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Nearby, five cargo trucks filled with rice, cooking oil and sugar stood on a grassy field fringed with banana and acacia trees beneath the soaring Himalayas, waiting for a helicopter carry the supplies to remote, quake-hit villages.
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But “Welcome to Me” is not just a character study, but a satire on how the self-centered emptiness of TV is a kind of epidemic. The movie takes its lead from other “TV eats the soul” flicks like “Being There” (1980), “The King of Comedy” (1983) and “EDtv” (1999). Director Shira Piven’s view of stifling American banality is a wry, pointed satire of how we all crave some kind of fame.
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For more information, feel free to watch the video below for everything laid out in detail, as well as many other minor points being addressed by the developers, as well as larger hangups with frame rate and resolution concerns.
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Chen, who was the co-author of a 2013 report that linked heavy pollution from coal burning to shorter lives in northern China, said more research is needed to "improve our understanding of pollution's impact on people's health."
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First off, we don’t know the actual pricing for the 2015 or 2016 Shelby GT350 or GT350R Mustangs. There were rumors a while back from a less than reputable website claiming that it would start at $52,995 and the Tech Package would cost $2,995, but that same site has since published a frenzy of fake news stories it looks as though their Tech Package pricing was incorrect — so we don’t know how much the new Shelby Mustang fastbacks will cost. Many people expect them to start in the mid $50k range, but that is all speculation.
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Allowing Android apps onto its phones and tablets could be a shortcut to achieving that, but runs the risk of making Windows phones less attractive if they are merely seen as emulations of Android devices.
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Health investigators have said that the dozens of case of botulism, including one death, are attributable to home-canned potatoes, used in potato salad served at a church potluck picnic, in Lancaster, Ohio. Twenty one cases were confirmed as of Wednesday and 10 additional were suspected for the same, said the Ohio Department of Health. Kennetha "Kim" Shaw lost her life after eating at an April 19 potluck dinner at Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church.
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President Obama said in an interview broadcast Wednesday morning that he would not be visiting the riot-stricken city of Baltimore any time soon, but wouldn’t rule out a trip after the turmoil has calmed.
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If Labour won the elections, Miliband might not have quite the margin needed to govern without others’ support. The Scottish nationalists offered him an alliance to oust the conservatives but he turned it down. He is strongly against the notion of an independent Scotland.
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Spending on nonresidential structures, which includes oil exploration and well drilling, tumbled at a 23.1 percent rate. That was the fastest pace of decline in four years and the first contraction since the first quarter of 2013.
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The German said Australia's great contribution to the Olympic movement through sports administrators and the country's famous love of sport would make a bid attractive and added that it would not be too soon for a return to the country.
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The threat is a real one as the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention published a study in 2005, effectively showing that 90% of alcohol consumed by young people under the age of 21 is in the form of binge drinking.
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But with many of Obama’s fellow Democrats reluctant to back his trade agenda for fear that it will hurt U.S. jobs, Abe could have a hard time selling them on the need to break down trade barriers with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim countries involved in the negotiations.
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The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which decides on US monetary policy, said that "although growth in output and unemployment slowed during the first quarter, the committee continues to expect that ... economic activity will expand at a moderate pace".
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But starting conversations about uncomfortable topics is critical for parent-teen relationships, Krasner says. He also recommended parents get comfortable with their teens' social media use to stay on top of their activities -- something the majority of parents in the survey said they don't do.