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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve downgraded its view of the U.S. economy Wednesday after a winter in which growth nearly froze. The Fed offered no sign that a rate increase might be coming soon.

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"We have now been able to communicate with the vessel, whichwe were unable to do for quite a long period after she was takendeeper into Iranian waters. We have no official contact with theIranians so far or any official documentation or notification."

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Viacom Inc, the owner of cable networks MTV and Comedy Central and movie studio ParamountPictures Corp, is expected to report second-quarter revenue and profit broadly in line withanalysts' estimate, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine data. Viacom is struggling to adjustto the shift in viewing habits as people ditch pricey cable subscriptions for video streamingproducts offered by companies such as Netflix Inc, Inc and Hulu.

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Mr Knight said: “Without more decisive action a child born today might be able to vote before they gain the right to breathe clean air. This ruling challenges the complacency that has for too long been shown by Whitehall – and of course Boris Johnson at City Hall – in tackling air pollution.”

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Many of the political concerns in that list are in the manifesto of Mike Buchanan's J4MB (Justice for Boys and Men) party which is fielding three candidates in this election. But, with bone-wearying predictability, that group has been boorishly lampooned and scorned by feminism’s fellow-travellers and Uncle Toms in the conventional media – even including these pages – as if it had officially twinned with the Monster Raving Loonies.

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The couple, who seek anonymity, have been "further aggravated" by the book's appearance as the butt of jokes on "The Tonight Show" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the lawsuit claims.

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Bea Edwards, of the Government Accountability Project, an international charity that supports whistleblowers, condemned the UN for its witchhunt against a whistleblower who had acted to stop the abuse of children.

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The key question, however, is whether those ten years of toil will be enough to stop the significant defection of Labour voters to the SNP in this seat, a phenomenon that appears to be happening to its vote all over Scotland.

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He added: “The way they’re playing football, the same way we started: 4-3-3, play, don’t be afraid, play possession games, get into the box, play with wingers if possible.”

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"Everyone understands materialistic things in different ways. Some of the subjects I photographed, like the Tibetan monk, own very little things, but can we say they are not happy? I don't think happiness depends on materialistic needs. It's what your heart wants."

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27,500 casualties happened on the road in 2014 throughout Europe, showing there is still a need for these new safety features. Some regulators are still against the idea of making it mandatory, but the European Automobile Manufacturers Association welcomed the integration of eCall in cars.

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U.S. consumer incomes are expected to have risen in March as consumers welcome the warmerweather and as lower gasoline prices afford them more money to spend. The Commerce Department isexpected to report a 0.2 percent rise in personal income and a 0.5 percent rise in consumption.(0830/1230) Also releasing in the day is the Labor Department's weekly data on unemploymentinsurance claims (0830/1230) and first-quarter Employment Cost Index. (0830/1230) Claims forjobless benefits are seen hovering around 290,000, a level that would suggest the labor marketis still on firm ground.

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“Over billions of years of evolution, microbes seem to have adapted to conditions in almost all surface and near-surface environments on Earth. Tiny pore spaces filled with hyper-saline brine staying liquid down to -15 Celsius may pose one of the greatest challenges to microbes,” Slawek Tulaczyk, a glaciologist and coauthor of the study at the University of California, said.

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Three days before the bombing, Dolakov told the agents, he went to a gym with the brothers, and noticed that several items in their car were covered by a white sheet, according to the reports. After they finished working out, they went to Tsarnaev's house, where Dolakov said he and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev chatted. Dolakov told the agents that the younger brother said he "wanted to visit Russia and was tired of America."

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Scientists from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim studied two groups of carefully bred rats, some who responded markedly from exercise and some who didn't respond much at all. After undergoing two months of identical training programs on tiny treadmills, the rats who had been bred to respond well to exercise had increased the distance they could run by 40 percent, while the other rats actually lost 2 percent of their endurance.

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"These are good numbers," Bankhaus Metzler's Juergen Pieper said. "The modular production strategy is progressing and tailwinds may grow over the course of the year," he said, citing positive currency effects and cost savings at the core VW brand.