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In the design department it has devised a four quantum bit circuit in a lattice structure that allows more qubits to be added at any time. Google has employed a similar approach that sees qubits arranged in rows, the only difference being that the "linear" approach doesn't allow both types of errors to be detected at the same time.

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Ironically, during all of the hubbub on Dr. Oz in the media last week, the United Sates swore in a new Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy. I suspect that most Americans have little idea of who Dr. Murthy is, and know even less of the role of the Surgeon General. In fact, I suspect that most would be hard pressed to name Dr. Murthy’s predecessor (Dr. Regina Benjamin). Yet, this can be an influential role in U.S. healthcare. More than 50 years ago, the Surgeon General, Dr. Luther L. Terry, issued the first Surgeon General’s report linking smoking to specific diseases, most notably lung cancer. This act led to the health warning on cigarette packages and the eventual ban of all cigarette advertising — steps that stemmed the growth in smoking in this country. The Surgeon General in the 1980s, Dr.C. Everett Koop, was an outspoken advocate on public health issues furthering the attack on smoking, calling for a smoke-free society by 2000. He also took noteworthy positions on AIDS and the rights of the disabled which led to changes in the public’s perceptions on these issues.

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Every single turtle laying eggs on the island's Pasture Beach is identified thanks to meticulous hourly patrols by researchers and volunteers every night for the duration of the five-and-a-half-month annual nesting season.

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Abe will address Congress from the spot where President Franklin Roosevelt asked for a declaration of war against Imperial Japan after the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The speech will coincide with Japan’s national holiday marking the birthday of its wartime emperor, Hirohito.

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Sobbing, he claimed he intended only to scare someone and was heartbroken to learn he had killed Jones. Prosecutors said the shooting was gang-related and retaliation against a person Crittenton believed had robbed him.

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It’s time to get the wrong people off the bus and put the right one’s on the bus. Bennett got spoiled running roughshod under Trestman’s kindergarten camp. Now that Fox is in town, Bennett isn’t real comfortable playing by the team rules. Adios…………….

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BRATISLAVA, April 29 (Reuters) - Slovakia will talk to Enel about raising the government's stake in utilitySlovenske Elektrarne to a majority, pushing the Italian group tochange a plan to sell its entire 66 percent share to a privateinvestor.

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Overzealous enforcement of a rental-assistance voucher program, also known as Section 8, for participants in public housing was motivated in part by an uncorroborated perception in the community that blacks had brought gangs and crime to the area, the Justice Department said.

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Unsurprisingly, the responses were sharply divided by race. Fifty-five percent of white respondents had "some" or "a lot" of confidence that the U.S. justice system is fair, while just 44 percent of Hispanics and 31 percent of African-Americans said the same. Party affiliations affected the responses, too: More than half (66 percent) of Republican respondents were confident in the justice system's fairness, versus 46 percent of Democratic respondents.

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“Whilst they accepted the model was nude, they said most of her body was underwater and mostly obscured and that although her buttocks were visible, they were presented in virtual profile and not in a sexual way,” the ASA explained.

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Northrop, maker of the B-2 bomber, hopes to beat outLockheed-Boeing Co to win the contract, but Bush said itwould be just one part of a diversified portfolio in which noone program accounts for more than 6 percent of sales.

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The existence of the LG G4 was never a closely guarded secret, as the consumer electronics maker already teased its new flagship handset weeks ago. However, there were still a few important factors that were left out, such as its official release date, and also pricing.

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But a gloomier outlook for copper and less cash on thebalance sheet have reduced the prospect of hefty dividendpayouts in the near term and have de-rated the stock against itsrivals in the last year.