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"Calling for the FDA to use this data is pretty revolutionary," said Peter Pitts, a former FDA associate commissioner for external relations and co-founder of the industry-funded Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. "In the past this kind of data was not considered gold standard."

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A security researcher or White Hat hacker may want to find the vulnerabilities in your system, mostly to show you how much smarter than you they are. What happens next can vary widely, but these days most researchers will follow the rules of responsible disclosure, which means they will tell you and give you a chance to fix the problem before they tell anyone else.

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For Bungie, though, it seems the greatest concern has been to align the Crucible experience alongside the PvE content — to make it as valuable and relevant to longterm players. “One of the things we’re doing with House of Wolves is making sure Crucible no longer feels sub-optimal in terms of your investment in the game,” says Bakken. “Across the board we doubled the marks and reputation gains for every match, everywhere in the Crucible. We doubled the amount of engrams you get, so you’re going to see blues drop. We added in 12 new purples just in the reward stream so you’re going to see legendaries drop just by playing in the Crucible.


Financial trading communications provider IPC Corp also cutpricing by 100bp last week on a $595 million term loan to 450bpand added $15 million in new money. The original deal was firstsyndicated in early February.