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Chaudhry, 46, who lives with his wife Nabela, a finance director for a charity, and their three children Mikaal, nine, Zaynadin, six, and Hanaa, four, is engaging and earnest, looking very much part of the Establishment dressed in his barrister's robes when we meet at The Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts in Liverpool. And there's no mistaking the air of courtroom glamour that accompanies him either; he pleads the case for mutual tolerance with the conviction, charm, and confidence of many tough trials behind him.

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With his dissertation – fittingly on using warm-up exercises to develop force in sprinters’ muscles – submitted, for the first time in Gemili’s life he is now a full-time athlete. “It was a good way to cap off the three-year degree but I’m happy that it’s done,” he said.

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Sarandon, 68, stars in “Connected” with her former boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin, 37.The series focuses on the ping pong entrepreneur’s struggle being Sarandon’s sidekick rather than the main man.

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"To me, doing the Double has never been anything that I seriously thought about," he said, standing near the Corvette Z06 that will take the 33-car starting field to the green flag. "Do I wish I had the opportunity to race in the Indianapolis 500? Absolutely. It just wasn't meant to be."

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The unmanned Progress M-27M cargo ship, carrying almost 3tonnes (2,722 kg) of supplies, was unable to dock with theInternational Space Station (ISS) because of problems after itlaunched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan early onTuesday, said Roscosmos head Igor Komarov.

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Opponents say same-sex marriage legality should be decided by states, not judges. Some opponents argue it is an affront to traditional marriage between a man and a woman and that the Bible condemns homosexuality.


I suspect many would like elections to be more like "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here". The campaign would reveal the principles and humanity of the party leaders, but also expose their vulnerabilities and frailties. Polling day would see one of them crowned king of the Westminster jungle - the people's choice.