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Abe faces his own trade politics at home. Japan has longstanding protections for politically powerful farm interests. Moreover, an aging population and changing tastes have lowered the consumption of rice, resulting in significant surpluses that Japan has protected with tariffs and other supports.

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These broadcasts still generate a lot of money, yes, but not from selling advertisers’ stuff to the coveted 18-to-34 demographic that TV execs chase. Well, not unless 18-year-olds have erectile dysfunction, leaky bladders, persistent heartburn and anal leakage.


The appointments signal a tougher foreign policy, particularly toward regional foe Iran, but little change to a firm hand against dissent at home, where Riyadh this week said it had detained 93 suspected Islamic State militants.

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The closing of Zeta Beta Tau’s fraternity comes a week after the school suspended the fraternity, which expelled three of its members after finding out about their inappropriate behavior. The school previously said it was charging the fraternity with obscene, behavior, public intoxication, theft, causing physical or other harm and damage to property.