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"For a long time, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries have been carrying out reclamations on the Chinese islands they are illegally occupying in the Nansha Islands, building airports and other fixed infrastructure, even deploying missiles and other military equipment," he said.
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“I've seen this movie too many times before," Obama said, adding that communities and police need to work together to solve broader societal problems, like poverty and drug addiction, that often boil over into violence.
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“The behavior that you are seeing in court is an absolute byproduct of the nature and extent of his mental illness and whatever psychotropic medications he may or may not be taking,” said Pitt, who often works on criminal cases but isn’t involved in the Holmes trial.
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“No, they didn’t push me out. I’m 68. If I was 38, I’d probably still be wanting to do the show,” Letterman posited. “When [former ‘Tonight Show’ host] Jay [Leno] was on, I felt like Jay and I are contemporaries. Every time he would get a show at 11:30, he would succeed smartly. And so I thought, ‘This is still viable — an older guy in a suit.’ And then he left, and I suddenly was surrounded by the Jimmys.”
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Lamont is a tireless campaigner, having personally recruited huge numbers of Tory members, and whose easy going manner goes down well with the workers at the Lochcarron Mill in Selkirk ( mills are what matter in this neck of the woods).
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"They're not harassing and stopping individuals for minimal offenses anymore," said Emmett Murrell. "They overused the authority inherent in the Sheriff's Department. ... It was just harassment."
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The time has passed when the United States could view global energy strategy in mostly defensive terms, based on false notions of future scarcity and diminishing choices. The fracking revolution is creating a new world in which American energy can reshape old strategic paradigms and undercut adversary states whose center of gravity is oil and natural gas. When it comes to energy, the United States has the power.
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"If people in Britain see what I'm doing today and understand the significance of what is going on, I think they will be very, very angry indeed and they would want to know from the two potential prime ministers: do they intend to opt us out of this or will they stick with the legal agreements that we agreed back in 2013?