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The SNP narrative in an area that was once an industrial powerhouse is that Labour has failed Scotland and their MPs have become complacent. It is repeated, sometimes mantra-like, by voters on streets dominated by charity and discount shops.
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“I bought four walls in a Normandy field for about 60,000 euros. It had no roof, and my neighbour used to keep his sheep in my kitchen. Now I have two horses, two dogs, two cats and an English partner of about five years, who lives up the road. From my house, I can see a view of my horses in the field, and the St Sever forest, which is like something out of the Hobbit.
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Women in the European Union were paid 16.4 percent less than men on average in 2013, according to statistics agency Eurostat, and United States Census Bureau data indicate women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, based on annual median salaries.
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After the verdict, Lee left the courtroom stone-faced, flanked by his lawyers, and did not respond to questions from the press. He got into a black Jeep Patriot that was waiting outside the courthouse and left immediately.
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Almost half of all investors polled by German research group Sentix this month expect Greece to leave the single currency within 12 months, while the survey's index measuring the risk of contagion to other parts of the euro zone fell to a record low.
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Sandiford, from Redcar in Teesside, was jailed in Bali in 2012 for smuggling cocaine worth an estimated 1.6 million from Thailand. She is trying to raise funds to mount an appeal against her sentence in Indonesia’s Supreme Court.
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But Kaur was already planning her third robbery, this time in San Diego. "I looked it up and there were already so many robberies there that people had gotten away with. They had this one guy called 'the Geezer' that had never been caught or anything. The people in San Diego were kinda for it," she reasons, because "nobody was telling on him."
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"Our local representative has been talking about how after the referendum the view towards politics has changed. I do agree with that - I think it's different now. A lot of people who maybe weren't interested in politics I would definitely say are now."
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Viacom Inc, the owner of cable networks MTV and Comedy Central and movie studio ParamountPictures Corp, is expected to report second-quarter revenue and profit broadly in line withanalysts' estimate, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine data. Viacom is struggling to adjustto the shift in viewing habits as people ditch pricey cable subscriptions for video streamingproducts offered by companies such as Netflix Inc, Inc and Hulu.
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The spillover is the latest in a series of volcanic events connected to a rise in the level of the lava lake that began last week in conjunction with an increase in inflation measured at the summit. This is the highest the lava lake has been since the eruption began in March 2008.
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Tasnim, an Iranian news agency, quoted a Pars Talaie lawyeras saying the debt involved a cargo that Pars Talaie had hiredMaersk to take from the Iranian port of Abadan to Dubai morethan a decade ago but which never arrived.
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Parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing were due to run out on Thursday, suggesting Kensington Palace expected the Duchess to have given birth by then when it made the arrangements with Westminster Council.