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Economists had expected the economy to expand at a 1.0 percent rate. The sharp growth slowdown is probably not a true reflection of the economy's health, given the role of temporary factors such as the weather and the ports dispute.
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Nidetch traveled the world preaching Weight Watchers' simple gospel and became a millionaire along the way. Along with the Lipperts, she sold the company to H.J. Heinz Co. for about $71 million in 1978, but remained its most recognizable face for years afterward.
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In a statement on Wednesday, state oil firm Aramco described its head Khalid al-Falih as the outgoing CEO and president, but also as chairman of its board of directors, appearing to confirm an earlier report on al-Arabiya television.
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After adjusting for baseline differences, the researchers showed that men who practiced polygamy had a 4.6-fold increased risk of coronary heart disease, with a 3.5-fold increased risk of disease in the left main artery, and a 2.6-fold elevated risk of multivessel disease.
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This virus swapped genes with North American influenza viruses to create the new H5N2 virus, which has been responsible for the slaughter of millions of chickens and turkeys in the Midwest. It also spawned a new version of H5N1, a distant cousin of the deadly Asian bird flu virus.
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"Apple fans in China had been waiting years for bigger-screen iPhones and they are upgrading at a furious rate to the new models," said Neil Mawston, executive director at research firm Strategy Analytics.
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Canada's economy is expected to have contracted 0.1 percent in February as the country continuesto grapple with the fall in prices of oil, a major export. The February figures will be watchedas an indication of how the first quarter is shaping up. The Bank of Canada expects the impactof oil prices to be more front-loaded to the beginning of the year and it forecasts no growthfor the first quarter. (0830/1230)
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"The market is reading that the Fed hasn't materially movedits liftoff time frame despite recent weakness in economicgrowth and employment," said Tai Wong, director of metalstrading at BMO Capital Markets in New York.
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This study calculated how much water could exist in the gas phase within molecular clouds that will form later generations of stars and planets. However, it doesn’t address how much water would exist in ice form or what fraction of all the water might actually be incorporated into newly forming planetary systems.
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Australia is angry that Sukumaran and Chan were executed despite having ongoing court appeals, and that Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo ignored evidence of their rehabilitation during their 10 years in prison before rejecting their clemency applications.
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Seven lynx died on roads around the Donana national park last year. Also holding back the cat's reintroduction is the shrinking population of rabbits, the lynx's main prey, due to a highly infectious virus known as rabbit haemorrhagic disease.
The diesels come in three and four-cylinder form. The 1.5-litre three cylinder offers 115bhp, combined cycle fuel economy of 78.5mpg and CO2 emissions of 94g/km. These are boosted in the 116d EfficientDynamics Plus model through a range of measures to achieve 83.1mpg and 89g/km.
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There are around five million Britons living overseas. But I know from having worked as an international insurance broker for 14 years that many people do not examine all the implications of going abroad before they leave.
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Sat-nav maker TomTom is branching out into the action camera market with the launch of the Bandit, a small GoPro-like camera that works with a smartphone app to make it easier for users to film, edit and share their action videos online.
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The G20 powers have launched a joint probe into global financial risks posed by fossil fuel companies investing in costly ventures that clash with international climate goals and may never be viable.
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Six months later, however, Manhattan District Attorney CyrusVance brought his own criminal case, charging Aleynikov withviolating New York state law through the unlawful duplication ofcomputer-related material.